Patient Testimonials

I was extremely nervous about my ear piercing the second time. My main concern was if it would be painful. Unfortunately my first experience was bad. I had pain due to incorrect placing of the ear studs and then it becoming septic, leading to infection and puss. It took me nearly six months of treatment with a lot of antibiotics and other medications for my ear lobe to get normal . It was a harrowing experience .I had got it done in a beauty parlor by non medical professionals and it turned out to be a big mistake! This time around my parents were very anxious about the piercing getting septic but my experience at the AMP Medical center was extremely fantastic. Very clean and totally non-painful. Save yourself the trouble from my experience and get your ear piercing or any body piercing done by qualified medical professionals. All thanks to Doctor!


If you get them done when they are young enough, says Pooja , mother of 2 girls and a boy , they tend to forget about them. I got both my daughters ears pierced by Dr. at his Medical Center when they were 2 months old and I am happy about having done so.

Thanks Doctor .

This is Radhika and if you remember I had contacted you for my Ear piercing requirement. I had a lot of apprehension as I wanted four more piercings to be done on the ear cartilage of both ears. I wanted to get the piercing done and at the same time I was very nervous and concerned about the outcome. Well thanks for the reassurance given by you and the whole procedure went very fine for me without any pain whatsoever. It is over 3 months now and I am very happy that I got it done at AMP Medical Center . I am sure some of my friends must have already contacted your Center for their ear and nose piercing .
Wishing you the Best Dr.


Dear Doctor.

Just wanted to let you know that Ana is doing great after her ear piercing last week. George was very concerned and nervous before taking the appointment since Ana is only 5 months old and definitely his delicate baby girl : But you and your team of doctors were exceptional in making us calm, relaxed and even Ana never felt a thing and we were surprised that she didn’t even cry! This wasn’t what we were expecting but nice to have a pleasant surprise. After hearing about our experience, my brother Koshy would like to get his 4 year old’s ear pierced and is going to be calling you soon. I’m sure your service will be highly appreciated by him as well.
Best Regards,

Binu Mathew

Hello Sir! How are you doing?
Thanks for the very good Ear piercing technique you follow at your Clinic. My left eyebrow and ear lobe piercing was absolutely flawless. With the diamond studs in place now, I am the cynosure of all eyes at the MANIPAL Hospital Campus where I am presently doing my Residency in General Surgery. Thank you Sir, Once again.
Regards –

Dr. Trishul Kalappa

We want to thank Doctor and the AMP Medical Center for the excellent ear piercing work done on our daughter Sonia. She only cried while she was held tightly against Anupama and it was all done in less than 5 minutes! Sonia is now 4 months old. She has had no infections with this and our family members love her beautiful ear rings. The babies will never remember the sting of the pierce. And it won’t hurt any lesser, 5 years from now. My wife and I highly recommend the AMP Medical Center if you think you might want to get your infant daughter’s ears pierced. It was a pain free, stress free and quality experience for us and our baby girl!
Thank’s doc.

Anupama and Karthik Subramaniam.


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