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quoteThis is Radhika and if you remember I had contacted you for my Ear piercing requirement. I had a lot of apprehension as I wanted four more piercings to be done on the ear cartilage of both ears.

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Medical Professional, High Quality Ear, Nose And Body Piercing Since 1981 in Bangalore/ Bengaluru India: For Babies, Children, Teenagers As Well As Female And Male Adults


Get Your Ear Piercing Done


Hygienically, Aseptically,Painlessly And With No Septic, Infection Or Any Side Effects In Less Than 10 Minutes By An Expert Medical Professional


International Health Authority standards approved sterile piercing using hypo-allergic studs with no risk of infection can be guaranteed by the doctor/medical professional only


Why get yours or your baby’s ears pierced at Dr. Patil’s Ear Piercing Center?

Dr. A.M. Patil, a Consultant Physician, Acupuncture Specialist and Medical Director with 31 years of experience as a Physician introduced the safe, sterile, hypoallergenic ear piercing device and the procedure for ear / nose piercing back in 1981 to the people of Bangalore, including the medical fraternity in India.

He heads a professional team of medical professionals via who are trained to do ear piercing in hygienic medical conditions and with the proper follow up so that you are safe from pain, bleeding, infections, allergies, septic and most importantly the serious risk of transmission of HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis caused from improper body piercing methods.

As medical professionals they pay close and careful attention to medical care, cleanliness and totally aseptic piercing resulting in no bleeding, absolute painless procedure and no infection.

They are well known for their 100% success rate and a wide range of ear and nose jewelry studs from which you can choose.

These USA / UK and Swiss made studs and clasps are of the highest quality, manufactured out of 24 carat gold plated surgical grade steel.

You can also use your own jewelry, any shape and size or ring safely 3 weeks after piercing is done.

Important Note: You have a serious short term and a long term health risk when any body or skin piercing procedure is NOT done by a trained and experienced medical doctor/ medical professional – such as in city malls, beauty salons, hairdressers or jewellers.

Our center regularly receives patients who have not had their body piercing done by a medical doctor with issues of septic, puss, skin tissue ruptures, infections and pain sometimes even a few years after the piercing has been done.

Medical Professional, High Quality Ear, Nose And Body Piercing Since 1981 in Bangalore/ Bengaluru India: For Babies, Children, Teenagers As Well As Female And Male Adults

To schedule for a consultation or appointment please fill in the form below or call 4117 9069: We will get back with you within 24 hours (to answer your questions)


Why get your ears pierced in the first place?

Aesthetic reasons, looking good and pretty is one reason for getting ears pierced. There are also scientifically documented medical reasons.

Traditionally children and even adults in some cultures under ear piercing and sometimes for religious reasons as well.

Note: The center is familiar and experienced in handling your ear and body piercing needs during specific auspicious dates and timings as well, if needed.

We also do client home piercings on special religious ceremonies, birthdays and auspicious calendar dates and times.

Also, medical Acupuncturists suggest that the ear lobe is the acupuncture point for vision, and that ear piercing has a therapeutic value when done with precision.

When should I get my baby’s ears pierced?

Dr. A. M. Patil recommends piercing the ears after the first or second round of Tetanus (DPT) vaccinations when your baby is two months old and thereafter. At this age your baby is older and better equipped to prevent any infections or skin irritation.

You may also have religious and timing preferences such as the 1st birthday. On certain dates and times for adults.

How do I prepare my baby and myself for the ear piercing?

Dr. Patil advises that it is important that your baby is in good health when you get the baby’s ears pierced.

Ear piercing is usually done without painkillers because the piercing itself hurts less than a shot of anesthetic would.

An anesthetic spray (15% Lidocaine Aerosol spray) could be used if so determined by the doctor after the mandatory sterile preparation of the part for asepsis.

The surface anesthetic will temporarily anaesthetize the part to be pierced guaranteeing a painless procedure.

You may be anxious about how your baby will react but stay calm. Hold your baby comfortably but firmly so that her head does not move about too much while the ear is being pierced.

The rest will be taken care of in a pain-free, simple, systematic and convenient manner.

We pierce babies every day and are experienced with the special care and precautions necessary to handle baby ear piercing, so rest fully assured that your baby will be very happy once the piercing is done.

What Is The Procedure, Design and Use As Done By Dr. Patil in Bangalore/ Bengaluru, India?

Dr. Patil’s center uses precision made antiseptic and sterile instruments. Antiseptic is also applied properly to the location of piercing.

The location of ear, nose or body piercing is accurately marked using a medical marker after examining and ensuring that no nerve endings or susceptible body tissues are being punctured.

The ear piercing instrument used is designed to pierce using 20 gauge earrings (Ideal, safe diameter of the piercing made and appropriate for all forms of jewelry), normally made out of 24 kt. gold plated surgical steel.

On a Swiss made piercing gun, a starter jewelry stud is manually loaded into a receiving tube, and its matching clasp is loaded into a holder closer to the main part of the instrument. The earlobe is inserted between these two parts of the instrument.

When the trigger is squeezed the spring action plunger snaps through the earlobe in 1/10 th of a second and automatically installs the clasp properly thereby removing the possibility of discomfort and pinching. Piercing the earlobe in this manner poses no risk of infection.

After about 3-4 weeks, the earrings can be changed or retained. Incase they are removed earlier and the hole is left unfilled for an extended period of time, there is a chance of the piercing closing. After healing, the earlobe piercing will shrink to a smaller gauge in the prolonged absence of earrings, but may never completely disappear.

These jewelry studs, gunshot ear piercing (where advised by doctor) and safe piercing procedures are anti allergenic, packaged and sterilized to meet International medical standards. The straight and thin post of the studs provides a sure and gentle piercing with a quick healing process.

To schedule for a consultation or appointment please call 4117 9069: We will get back with you within 24 hours (to answer your questions)

Frequently asked questions in short about and Dr. Patil’s procedure:-

1. Is it painful? – NO .

2. Is there any bleeding? – NO

3. Is it safe, hygienic and aseptic? – 100% Yes.

4. Why should it be done by Dr. Patil?
– Because the procedure is problem free, painless, aseptic, no bleeding or other harmful health risks and most importantly comes with the 31 years of experience of Dr. Patil as a Physician, Ear, Nose and body piercing expert.

Dr. Patil also conducts a full range of ear piercing procedures as well as safe and sterile nose piercing and body piercing procedures customized as per requirements.

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